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What You Should Know About Hay Fever

About 40-60 million people in the U.S. are affected by hay fever or what is also commonly known as allergic rhinitis; this occurs when your nose becomes stuffy or runny and your mouth, eyes or skin feels itchy. Hay fever often develops when a person’s immune system overreacts to a matter in the environment that usually does not cause any problem for other people.

MedX Pharmacy, a trusted compounding pharmacy in Houston TX, believes that this condition could cause serious infections in the body if left untreated. It may seem to have similar characteristics to the common cold because it can affect and occur at any age and after years of repeated breathing of allergic substances but can greatly affect your daily life.
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It is one of the most common trials for aging adults and is usually connected with the heart since it is also a very well-known indication of a heart attack and/or makes you worry about a heart attack.

However, the heart is not all to blame. Indeed, there are other parts that could trigger a heart attack. MedX Pharmacy, a responsible compounding pharmacy in Houston TX, believes that if your loved ones experiences chest pain, do not ignore the signs as it can result a serious health condition that could lead to heart attack or stroke itself. Here are the fast facts that you should know about chest pain to be alert and prepared in case of emergencies.

Cardiac vs. Non-Cardiac Pain
Cardiac pain is typically labeled as the compression and clutching in the heart area. On the other hand, non-cardiac pain is often sensed as a piercing and scorching feeling with a tremor of the chest wall. Nevertheless, older people and women usually do not always present these events in its typical manner.

Non-Cardiac Pain-related illnesses include:
Angina – the obstruction in the heart blood vessels that decreases the blood flow and oxygen to the heart.

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