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Hayao Miyazaki was born in Tokyo, Japan on January 5, 1941. His early career begin in 1963 as an animator at the studio Toei Douga . Hayao has involved in many early classis of Japanese animation. In 1971, he moved to A Pro with Isao Takahata, then to Nippon Animation in 1973, which Hayao was heavily involved in the World Masterpiece Theater TV animation series for the next five years. Hayao get his first TV series directed in 1978, the series is called Conan, The Boy in Future. Then he moved to Tokyo Movie Shinsha in 1979 to direct his first theatre movie, Lupin III : The Castle of Cagliostro. In 1984, Hayao released Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind, based on manga in the same title. The
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Ponyo movie was released August 14th, 2009 in USA and July 19th, 2008 in Japan. The first character was Ponyo appears in the first scene with her sisters as they watch they father perform magic ponyo character like a fish and have like a human body, Ponyo hair colour was ginger and her eyes colour was brown Ponyo start growing up like human when her sleep in bubble and her sibling gather around her. The beginning of this story when ponyo falling asleep inside a jellyfish. Ponyo wake up when her get trap in net by fishing boat, while Ponyo struggle try to escape her head get caught by glass jar, but her manage to slip out from the net. Ponyo get spot by little boy name Sosuke, in this movie Sosuke charisma like a kind boy who love nature, smart and very loveable and he will do anything to protect those he really care about like when Sosuke bring Ponyo to his home and put Ponyo in bucket and play with it and Sosuke like to play with old folks because that the place where he mother help people. Sosuke has mother name Lisa, Lisa was a tough mom her always do her best for everyone around her. Ponyo father was Fujimoto a sea wizard who gathered magic from the ocean Fujimoto his responsible father and like to take care his child and afraid lost Ponyo and become like…show more content…
The primary character was Chihiro, Chihiro is a ten year old young lady average sort dependably get ruined by her guardian and overprotected. Chihiro was so furious with her guardian since they moving to another town and she doesn't to take after. Chihiro guardian need her to think this move as a piece of experience, however she unshakable as for the most part. Underneath Chihiro's adolescent conduct, notwithstanding, is a well of development and knowledge that Chihiro isn't yet mindful of. One indication of this development is that she instinctually values and takes after tenets that she knows are critical, notwithstanding when power figures advise her to break them. For instance, when Chihiro's dad chooses to investigate the relinquished amusement stop, Chihiro's senses advise her it's not a smart thought. Once inside the recreation center, her folks gorge themselves on the nourishment they find, and she abstains from eating anything. Chihiro's savvy regard for tenets will demonstrate essential in the soul world. At the point when Yubaba changes Chihiro's name to Sen, Chihiro appears to lose her actual character. Chihiro frantically clutches her previous self on the grounds that on the off chance that she overlooks who she used to be, she'll be caught in the soul world until the end of time. She trusts that
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