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Japanese animation line with the rapid build television, multimedia such as video games, electrical equipment, and advertising. In Japan at that time, there was a program undertaken to promote the Japanese culture industry. The cultural industry can also be called as the creative industries such as design, animation, fashion, and film. The popularity of Japanese animation at that time stimulating the effectiveness of the promotional strategy.

There are many big names who pioneered animation in Japan. One of them is Hayao Miyazaki. Hayao Miyazaki is a versatile in all kinds of things. He can become a film director, making movies, writing scripts, animator, and Manga artists. In Japan, a comic artist or cartoonist named Mangaka. Consequently,
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Hayao Miyazaki got degrees in Politic Science and also the degree in Economics. He has worked for the Children's Literature Research. This useful knowledge is one of the reasons which was supported him to be one of famous Japanese animation directors and also manga artist. All the characters in every animation that produced by Hayao Miyazaki were created for people who he knew in his real…show more content…
The theme of harmony and happiness can clearly be seen in this animated film. Ponyo character containing some elements of the traditional fairy tale. The majority of female characters such as the character Lisa is the mother to Sosuke can clearly be seen in Ponyo. Hayao Miyazaki tried to highlight female as the main character. An example is the character Ponyo, a stubborn, sometimes stubborn, and adventurous. Lisa's character is sometimes strong and courageous. Gran Amare next character as a goddess of the sea who is responsible as a mother goddess and as a protector of Ponyo.

Such as Hayao Miyazaki's other films, Ponyo also contains elements of the environment. Fujimoto character as a responsible balance in the ocean. In Ponyo, Hayao Miyazaki has highlighted the issue of garbage in the ocean, which can clearly be seen in the round Ponyo almost caught in the net and getting stuck in a glass jar. In fact, there is also the emphasis on good and bad character. For example, Fujimoto was firstly seen as evil, but it turns out, in fact, he is a father who cares and protect

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