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BIOGRAPHY OF HAYAO MIYAZAKI Hayao Miyazaki was born on January 5, 1941 at Akebono-cho, Chiyoda Tokyo. He was the second of four siblings. His father names is Katsuji Miyazaki and his mother named is Dola Miyazaki. Hayao father worked as an aeronautical engineer in Japanese and his father is an invention of aircraft Mitsubishi A6M Zero and was used in World War II. In july 1945 ,his father started a company named Miyazaki Airplane, which after moving to Kanuma and when it Hayao was four years old. In 1947, Hayao start school until the third grade at school Elementary School in Utsunomiya City Afterthat, moved to the school at Omiya elementary school and moved again in standard five of school New Eifuku Elemetary school while in form 2, he…show more content…
This film under production company Studio Ghibli. The film has been dubbed by some actors such as Atsuko Tanaka, Shinji Atsuke and Megumi. This film inspired by German and American film titled 'Chichiros Zauberland Reise ins '. Ponyo film tells the story of magical and adventure. The concepts of ponyo is ‘ocean as an living presence’. In Japan was release on July,2008. It’s has two version is a English version and Japan. The plot tells the story of a goldfish called Ponyo who befriends a man five years ago and is known as Sosuke. Ponyo is a fish that wants to turn into a girl. Whereas, Sosuke a boy who lived in the cliff house with his mother, Lisa. Sosuke 's father was called working at sea as a scienties and only communicate with the family only through morse and light ships. Furthermore, Sosuke like to play with the sea that he was met with Ponyo. Then, Ponyo being stuck in a jar and Sosuke rescue are ponyo .Because of an incident, Sosuke guard and bring it home in buckets. Sosuke names of the fish as Ponyo. original name was Brunhilde. Over time they become friends. Ponyo is a fish species that can talk and has a power of its own. Ponyo lost on the ocean floor, which gave concern to her father Fujimoto as a king in the sea. because of that, his father realize the great flood. Ponyo sent home. Sosuke feel so sad. The feeling of love is in the soul Ponyo…show more content…
The concept that always be used by Hayao every comic animation design. Hayao fans thought the same story with the film My Neighbour Tatto. actually, the film Ponyo more attractive compared with his previous fiction film. Hayao said that this film is stranger creatures, unpredictable plot and diffrent character with its own power. this animation shows the power of magic more powerful. Shows more real than the films of Hayao namely in the film Princess Mononoke. In this film, the character of Hayao make fatherhood as a priority. Responsibility was shows. In the children 's story, Ponyo also adaptation and some adjustments like Mermaid and Cinderella. Ponyo is a specialty removed from the world of Pixar 's finding Nemo and not only because use hand drawing but when Ponyo was diffrent use its own aesthetics distincitiveness. That why, Hayao work’s different with Holloywood because him has a monolithic messages. Ponyo film got good receiving from various groups, including at the international film festival 65th Venice and Bologna Future Film festival for use designs .Features also a good animation, film Ponyo received several awards Anime of the Year and Best domestic 8th Annual Future in Tokyo Award. Hayo Miyazaki also won the best director and best original

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