Hayden Hoe Research Paper

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Swish, that was the sound of Hayden Hoose, he just made a three point shot and swished it. Hayden Hoose is the youngest male kid to make a half court shot in a basketball game. He was considered a basketball legend; people from China were hearing about Hayden Hoose. Hayden not only plays basketball he also plays baseball. People from China not only heard about his perfection for basketball, they also heard about his perfection for baseball. Hayden played for a basketball team called Michigan Clippers; and a baseball team called the Miami Heat. Hayden 's basketball team was 47 and 0 meaning that they have won 47 games and lost 0 games. One day after the Michigan Clippers just played their final game of the season a professor came up to Hayden and ask him if he wanted to be on the Kentucky WildCats basketball team; that was Hayden 's dream he had always wanted to play for the Kentucky WildCats. Hayden was sure if he wanted to go because he would have…show more content…
Today was the first basketball game of the season, and Hayden felt really good about this game he came out ready to play, and knew all the plays. They were playing Indiana Hoosiers, and everyone was saying that Hayden didn 't deserve to be on the college team he was on, but he just let it go and didn 't let them get to his head, so Hayden kept a positive attitude and played his hardest. Hayden didn 't really get the play he was on the team because he was good and because of his height. It was the last quarter and Hayden 's team had the ball so Lebron Jeffreys had the ball and Lebron went to pass to Hayden. Hayden was wide open because the defense went and trapped Lebron so Lebron threw it to Hayden and Hayden SLAMMED DUNKED it! Every was excited they were all jumping on Hayden patting him on the back. Hayden wasn 't that all excited about it he was depressed because his family couldn 't come because the weather in Michigan was horrible they were having so much snow you couldn 't drive a dump
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