Hayden Observation

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During this observation, students were working on a math test or working on assignment. The teacher was reading the math test to a student. Hayden finished his test, and he was drawing dinosaurs. Hayden appeared to be easily distracted. For example, Hayden stopped what he was doing to look around the room when another student tap his pencil and looked around the room when students walked by his desk. Hayden talked to me about his picture and described the picture in detail. He also whispered to himself about the picture. After the teacher prompted Hayden 4 times to begin silently working on an assignment, he began working on a math assignment. Once he completed the math assignment, he read a book about dinosaurs and took an A.R. test on the computer. While reading his book, he regularly flipped between reading and drawing. Hayden frequently fidgeted in his seat throughout the observation. During the observation, Hayden got out of his seat 8 times, and 6 out of the 8 total times went to speak to the teacher. For 20 minutes of this…show more content…
Soistman will be working on 2 behaviors with Hayden: following directions and Contributing. Following directions will involve Hayden following teacher’s directions without reminders. Contributing is defined as Hayden only raising his hand during appropriate times and remaining seated and silent until Ms. Soistman calls on him. Ms. Soistman will provide Hayden praise when he successfully displays these behaviors. Hayden will also be rewarded for successfully displaying these behaviors. During snack, he will earn the opportunity to draw dinosaurs or to look at cards with dinosaurs. During recess, he will be rewarded with a football. Rewards may be added to the intervention as we learn what is fun and motivating for Hayden. Hayden’s progress will be tracked during this intervention and adjustments will be made according. Ms. Soistman is also going to place a rubber band on the front of Hayden’s desk to help with his off-task
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