Conflict Theory In Social Work

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Could the four women portrayed have been able to achieve what they did on their own? Use social work theories to address this question, i.e. strengths perspective, person-in-environment, etc. Putting the women in the person in environment perspective or Pie theory they would not have been able to achieve what they did on their own. The reason being is that the environment around them was filled with gangs, shootings, violence causing numerous of individuals do not feel safe, vulnerability and the majority of those around them were also living in poverty. These factors are the ones contributing or preventing them from actually moving forward in trying to change as the grandmother stated that when they have friends or family over they ask her, “Why do you live like this” Why do you stay here?” to which she replies “I got no other choice. You are not there because you want to be there.” In addition, since they would be considered to be in a part of the lower class that means that they would have a limited amount of resources that would have still prevented the women from achieving as much as they did. This is presented or shown with the discontinuation of the welfare program along with the women not having much education to help them get a well-paying job…show more content…
How did they help? What did they do? What did they say? What information in your textbook can be applied in addressing this question? Wanda’s own personal costs were chaining her down causing her to be behind in trying to change. However, the agency that helped Wanda was the Hayment Treatment Center in which they helped her recover from her addictions. The Hayment Treatment Center not only helped her break away from her addictions but it helped her find people who were in the same shoes as her causing her to get confidence and know that they can become a better person and a better mother to her
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