3.3 Identification Hazard Analysis

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3.3 Identification of Hazard
The inspection action will be carried out on each work field and job assignment with the intention to spot all hazards exists in the work. Workfieldin this context also comprise of office areas, agricultural and horticultural environments, transport and maintenance, machine workshops, teaching area and lecture theatres.Job assignment can consist of industrial materials, audio and visual appliances, hazardous items in factory, laboratories, construction and handling an urgent situations and so on. Therefore this procedure is all about examining what are the potential sources of danger in job task and work area.

3.3.1 Sources of Hazard
1. Human error
Mistakes or careless act by workforce in conducting daily task
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The analysis of fault tree involves six stages;

1. The overview of study is defined
2. The members of team are taught to be used to the role, layout and the mechanism.
3. The dominant case is classified.
4. The fault tree is designed
5. The fault tree is studied carefully
6. The results will be documented into report with an appropriate conclusion

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
FMEA is introduced to determine the possible hazards related with a operation by examining the breakdown mode for every operation element.The analysis was carried according to the steps;
1. The system has to be specified, for instance every single details performed by other team need to be known by the assessment team.
2. The aim of the assessment and basic fundamentals need to be installed. In addition the way the results will be shown needs to be explain
3. The assessment has to be executed.This step will helps to identify the failure modes and evaluate their side effect on the mechanism.
4. The outcome has to be noted. A comprehensive report of the analysis with a complete chart, suggestion to overcome the failure and conclusion has to be

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