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I am Hazel Ambort. I was born on September 7th, 2000, three minutes before my twin sister, Lilli. I also have another younger sister named Janey, who turned one this summer. Additionally, I have two dogs: Buster and Ava, and two cats: Clara and Claws. I started going to Bettendorf Schools when I moved from Rock Island, Illinois in sixth grade. I enjoy playing softball and tennis, I also participate in speech and debate at Bettendorf High School. I’ve played softball since I was seven years old and I just started playing tennis for the high school last year and I was number one on the junior varsity squad. My sister proceeded to get me interested in speech and debate, I started with Lincoln-Douglas debate and placed semi-finalist at one of the tournaments last year and traveled to Dallas, Texas for Nationals because I qualified in Eastern Iowa districts. This year I will be starting a new event called Original Oratory and I will also be continuing in Lincoln-Douglas. Most people say I’m intelligent, funny, loyal, protective, honest, hardworking, and overachieving. I have on predominant…show more content…
My mother has always told me that nothing good has ever come out of laziness, which has inspired me throughout my life to work hard at anything that comes along my path. For example, when I switched softball leagues I wasn’t considered to be very competitive because I was the new player. I continued to work hard with my new team and by the second season, I started at first base, earned the nickname “Home-Run Hazel” because by the end of the second season I hit five home-runs, and I was also voted MVP of my team. This is a standard that I am still working for in Bettendorf softball that I hope I will reach by next year. This strength has helped me in many of my classes and in all of my extracurricular activities. I think that my strength will help me in my future in college and in any career field that I

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