Hazel Grace Lancaster's The Fault In Our Stars

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The book called, The Fault In Our Stars it is about a young teenage girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster, who has been diagnosed with lung cancer and attend a program that is a cancer support group. Hazel is only sixteen years old, which at first she dislikes to go to the support group because of the fact that she feels like it’s depressing for her. But, she meets a young boy named Augustus Waters, who she says that he’s a charming guy. Augustus has had osteosarcoma, which is a rare form of bone cancer, but he has been all cleared. Both, Hazel and Augustus began on a roller coaster ride of many emotions, as in love, sadness, and even romance, while they are in search of the author of their favorite book. They decide to travel to Amsterdam in searching…show more content…
Hazel Grace Lancaster who has been living her life with cancer, she uses a portable oxygen tank to breathe properly. In one of the meetings Hazel catches the eye of Augustus and through the meeting she learns his name. After the meeting ends, Augustus approached Hazel and tells her that she looks like “Natalie Portman” in V for Vendetta. Afterwards, he invites Hazel to his house to watch the movie, and while hanging out, both of them discuss their experiences with cancer. Both of them like the same book called, An Imperial Affliction, and they both discuss about their favorite book. A week after both discuss the literary meaning of An Imperial Affliction, Augustus tracks down the author of the book, assistant, Lidewij, and through her he’s managed to start an email correspondence with the reclusive author. Augustus invites Hazel on a picnic at an elaborate Dutch-themed picnic which reveals a charitable foundation that grants the wishes of kids with cancer. Hazel realizes that she likes Augustus a lot, but she knows she’ll hurt him when she dies, she even compares herself to a grenade. Augustus plans a trip to go to Amsterdam with Hazel, so both can meet the
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