Hazel Moxenhire Characters

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The main character of this book is Lemony Snicket. His best friend whom I created is Hazel Moxenhire. His enemy whom I created is Crocker Tinwheel. Hazel Moxenhire has eyes as deep blue as the sea, and hair dark like the night, and always smelled like newspaper ink. She thinks to never trust a person because you never know what secrets they are hiding. She is a detective and is very serious for a 13-year-old. When Hazel arrested Crocker she said, "I'm going to make sure you stay in prison!". Crocker Tinwheel looks like an old wrinkled raisin with eyes as dark like his soul and has lost his golden hair to gray hair that came with his age. He thinks he can get away with kidnapping an innocent girl. He is damaged by his past and it causes
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