Hazel Tells Laverne: The Frog Princess

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The poem “Hazel Tells Laverne” harbors the same basic principles as the story “The Frog Princess” by the Grimm Brothers. In the fairytale the princess must let a frog stay with her and she must take care of him for three days, and if she kisses him the frog will turn into a handsome prince. In the poem the frog offers Hazel the chance to become a princess if she kisses him. Hazel has to flush the frog down the toilet three times before he disappears (Machan 22-23). The number three is a common feature between the two works but unlike the fairy tale, the poem does not have a happy ending. The title of the poem informs the reader from the start that this will be a story told between two people, Hazel, the storyteller, and her friend LaVerne, the listener. Furthermore, it sets the informal tone of the poem and…show more content…
Women were fearful of men taking advantage of them, and assumed the worst in men. They were overprotective of themselves, and this is exemplified in the lines “ya little green pervert/an i hitsm with my mop” (Machan 20-21). However, as unfavorably men were viewed, women still relied on men, and this matriarchal attitude is depicted in the poem as well. In order for Hazel to become a princess, she must kiss a frog, who is a man. Whilst the frog is the symbol of men in the time period, Hazel carries symbolism with her as well. She is a maid, which was common as women only had cheap, low skilled positions. Ergo, women were seen as unambitious and this in turn led to insecurities. Hazel herself severely lacks confidence, and plays in part in how harshly she disregards the idea of becoming anything more than a maid. but sohelpmegod he starts talkin bout a golden ball an how i can be a princess me a
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