Hazing In Greek Colleges

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Many people have heard the rumors about hazing happening on college campuses. The rumors are particularly associated with Greek Organizations. While most Greek Organizations, such as National Panhellenic Conference and the North American Interfraternity Conference, have policies forbidding hazing, it is still very prevalent within Greek life. Hazing practices within Greek organizations is something that has been happening and will continue to happen as a way to initiate new members into these elite organizations. When it comes to talking about hazing within Greek organizations, first the terms “hazing” and “fraternities and sororities” must be defined. The Cambridge Dictionary Online defines the word "haze” as “to force people new to a group, esp. a sports team or college social group, to take part in activities that are silly, embarrassing, and sometimes harmful in order to be accepted as a member.” The Cambridge dictionary also defines “fraternity” as “a social organization for male students at a college or university.” and defines…show more content…
In an article by David Skorton, previous president of Cornell University and avid anti-hazing activist, it is stated that “Nearly 2,000 alcohol related deaths occur each year among American college students.” He goes on to tell that at Cornell University were two to three times more likely to be involved in an access of alcohol consumption and drug use. (Skorton p. A23) Alcohol misuse can result in “risky sexual behaviors, [acting] irresponsibly at times, and [hurting] academic standing.” (Nuwer p. 57) Many times the abuse of alcohol can prove to be fatal, as it was in the case of Gabriel “Gabe” Higgins of the University of Texas. In a book written by Hank Nuwer, he tell the tell of how Gabe died due to an alcohol related drowning. (p. 79) He died after being forced to down liquor and then swim in the Colorado river. (Nuwer p.

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