Hazumu Case Study

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#1) The world treats Hazumu in a completely different way after he was changed to a she. There are three different social groups mainly involved with Hazumu in this episode, they are: her family, friends, and the media. Starting with Hazumu’s family her mother loves the idea of having a girl. The mother even goes to a point in saying, “I’ve always wanted a girl”. As excited as the mother was the father was even more excited. The father really wanted to take a bath with his new daughter. After that scene, it is safe to say that the father is a pervert. Hazumu quickly tells her father that she does not want to take a bath with him, she was kind of taken off balance from her dad. With her friends, especially Tomari treated her very differently…show more content…
When Tomari finally accepts that Hazumu just wants to be a girl she takes on the task of making Hazumu the most perfect girl ever. Almost everything Hazumu did Tomari had to fix her from doing it that way, she would say something like, girls don’t do that. Many of the things that Tomari taught Hazumu are a part of the American culture also. At the beginning of the episode Hazumu opened her legs before class, she tried to fan out her area down there. In America, not very many girls would think spreading your legs and fanning them would be appropriate. When her friend Asuta wants to help her with her breast measuring or even look at her breast, because Hazumu offered, Tomari quickly prompted that girls do not do that. Which generally in the United states most girls do not let their friends that are boys see their breasts. In the United States the requirements are similar yet there are some differences. For example, the fanning out legs or spreading of legs is generally thought to be okay. Although, when Hazumu is in trouble with the media Asuta in American culture should protect her because he is a boy. In this culture, he apparently isn’t held liable to protect Hazumu because Tomari is the one that comes to the
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