Hca 459 Senior Project Case Study

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HCA 459 Senior Projects DQ 1and DQ 2 Name Institution Discussion 1 Organizational Survival Strategies Healthcare has to be abundant, effective, easy and cheap but in the real world health care is limited, ineffective and very expensive. Managers have to create healthcare that can survival the ever changing risks and challenges (Grigg, 2010). Mission transforming projects; many organizations are undergoing through mission transforming projects that are changes are made to the original mission because this is to provide diversification of services, and outsourcing for a new source of revenue generation (Want, 2006). Mission transformation is a deliberate process that integrates specific strategies to deal with new threats and challenges. An organization…show more content…
This is experienced as a result of the desire to maintain status quo. In some organizations, a minor change to the responsibilities of the organizations requires much time and resources (Want, 2006). Change can lead to conflict. Individuals become attached to things they consider as the norm of their workplace. When change occurs the employees have difficulty of letting go of the status qou. Change can alter the normal routine of the workplace hence creating chaos. Organizational change can aid in improving the image of the organization, promoting efficiency and improve on the competitiveness of the organization (Schein, 2004). The manager can function as a trainer by helping the members of the organization to learn how to utilize the data to be used to promote development. He or she can help the members of n organization to acquire a new set of skills to help solve future problems of the organization. The manager can be the researcher by training organization members in the skills needed for evaluation of the effectiveness of action plans that have been implemented (Want,
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