Hcg Drops Case Study

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HCG and HCG Drops

What is HCG?
Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) is basically a hormone that is produced by the cells of outer layer of fertilized embryo that is implanted in womb. In future these cells grow in to placenta. Levels of HCG are spotted in urine tests that is took after the fertilization of embryo. Pregnancy and hospital tests are based on the levels of HCG present in urine. Besides working as pro-hormone, HCG is also responsible maintenance of metabolism by releasing calories from fat storing cells.
High levels of HCG can cause negative effects in human body. It is not correct on the whole but in certain cases, it’s been seen that high level of HCG is considered responsible for causing cancer. Whereas low levels of HCG lead
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There are multiple ways to insert HCG in human body; by injections, pills and drops. There are multiple illustrations and reviews about usage of HCG and they are both; in favor and against it as well. But it’s been witnessed that with HCG diet one can lose up to one or two pounds on daily basis. So, in this scenario it is working wonders.
Some sources that do not favor the idea of usage of HCG for weight loss, report that it’s the drastic drop down in the intake of calories that actually puts a person in to shape. HCG is just a hormone for fertility that has nothing to do with loss of weight. Here is how they explain the work of HCG in contrary scenario;
• HCG is a pro-hormone as a result of some interactions with receptors it generates more hormones. Previously it’s been pointed out if a person is deficient in hormones then he is going to gain weight. Consuming HCG raises level of HCG in body that beats up deficiency and this thing ultimately results in weight
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In accordance to this plan your calorie intake should be limited to 500-800 Kcal per day. You can eat certain things. Some rules also become part of your schedule for e.g. you are not permitted to do any hard physical activity. This is an 8 weeks diet plan. HCG dosage is not fixed. It varies from provider to provider.
HCG Diet Plan:
Here is HCG diet that needs to be followed while you intake HCG.
• You can’t eat much. The diet allows you take your meal twice a day only, lunch and dinner. Your diet needs to be all balanced; consisting out single piece of fruit, vegetable, protein and diet from the given below options.
• Boiled or grilled veal, chicken breast, beef, lobster, fresh white fish, crab, prawn or shrimp can be used. Visible fats should not part of your diet. Any form of fish however it is cooked, it just cannot be consumed.
• Vegetables can be chosen from the following. Peas, lattice, green vegetables, beet root, onions, tomatoes etc.
• As an option for bread in your meal, one toast of Melba bread is allowed or either one piece of breadstick can be

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