Hcm/3651 Public Health Assignment

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Assignment #2

HCM 3651: Public Health Epidemiology
Total Possible Points: 100

Name: Fartun Faray

Instructions: Visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website at www.colorado.gov/cdphe and complete the activities below.

1) In the main navigation bar of the home page click "Data". Click on "Colorado Health Information Dataset" and list the 8 "Query Datasets"

1. Birth Data 2. Birth Defect Data 3. Death Data 4. Cancer Incidence Data 5. Population Estimates 6. Pregnancy Risk Assessment 7. Behavioral Risk Factors 8. Injury Hospitalizations

2) Now go back to the "Data" page and click on "Colorado's 10 Winnable Battles". List the 10 Winnable Battles and the objectives under each:

1. Winnable Battle-
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Oral diseases are preventable, however; many children miss tremendous hours of school due to mouth pain or toothaches. A lot of children in Colorado have lack of accessing interventions and one of the most common chronic diseases for those children is a cavity that can easily be treated. More the 41% of working age children don't have benefits that cover dental and 60% of adults over the age 65 have no dental insurance too. Accessing to a regular preventive care and interventions is very important to help Colorado win this battle against oral disease (10 Colorado winnable battles).

8. Winnable Battle- Safe Food Objectives: Approximately 1 of 6 people in America get sick from eating contaminated food. Some people recover and few others may suffer from complication such as kidney failure, miscarriage or brain and nerve damage (10 Colorado winnable battles). In Colorado, there is at least 41% of foodborne outbreaks report and investigation each year. This is an enormous number that underscores the need for vigilance and highlights the importance of the food safety programs to identify foodborne illnesses (10 Colorado winnable battles).

9. Winnable Battle-
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Research shows unintended pregnancies are associated with birth defects low birth weight, elective abortion, and maternal depression, reduced rates of breastfeeding and increased risk of physical violence during pregnancy (10 Colorado winnable battles). Teen mothers are more likely to drop out from high school and not earn high school diploma. Avoiding unwanted pregnancy helps to reduce social and economic costs that are expenditure on health care. Every $ 1.00 invested in publicly funded family planning saves 7.09 in Medicaid. Colorado has now more than 40 % drop in teen pregnancy because of CDPHE family planning initiative that provided services for more than 30,000 for low or no

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