Hcr/304 Week 2 Individual Assignment

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As you know I have been trying to meet with you to discuss your case with you since January of this year. Specifically, you had appointments scheduled for January 20, 2017, January 24, 2017, February 9, 2017, February 24, 2017 and, March 21, 2017. You failed to keep any of these appointments. The reason I wanted to meet with you was to explain why I was not interested in pursuing this case. I wanted to give you the respect of a face to face explanation of the issues I found in your medical records, which I believe will make it impossible to recover substantial compensation in this matter. Since we have not been able to meet in person, I will briefly explain why I do not want to pursue this case. The UMDNJ hosptial record for your ER visit on April 7, 2015 indicates “patient states he is using crutches at home secondary to a previous left hip replacement that is recalled and he is waiting for surgery, he missed his step on a loose floor board in the house tonight and fell onto his left side.” You “complained of pain in the left shoulder and unable to fully abduct his arm and also has pain in the left hip area and left…show more content…
States I have bone disease, I had bilateral hip replacement. I need knee replacement. I can’t walk.” The record goes on to state “patient walked out prior to MSE with steady gait on…show more content…
This has increased in extent on the left. There is complete erosion/destruction of the left acetabular roof. This is a clear indication of a degenerative disease as opposed to a traumatic

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