Hcs/400 Disaster Planning And Management Research Paper

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Final Exam Mattie Parham Bryant & Stratton College HTHS 400: Disaster Planning and Management Dr. Markisha J. Woodson April 25, 2016 Compare and Contrast the various types of disasters that can affect healthcare facilities. Describe the effect that various types of disasters can have on the ability of a healthcare facility to effectively respond. A disaster in health care is an event that produces casualties beyond the number and severity for which a single hospital or prehospital emergency medical system can plan. A disaster would affect communities, surrounding localities, and regions. The World Health (WHO) defines a disaster as an occurrence that causes damage, ecological disruption, loss of human life, deterioration of…show more content…
A catastrophic incident could result in sustained national impacts over a prolonged period of time; almost immediately exceeds resources normally available to state, local, tribal, and private-sector in the impacted area; and significantly interrupts government operations and emergency services to such an extent that national security will be threatened. (Reilly & Markenson, 2011, p.274) Analyze and explain real-life examples of disasters that overwhelmed a community, and its local resources. Evaluate and describe why an emergency management plan can fail. This deadly tornado destroyed the southwest side of Petersburg and quickly grew as it hit the historic district of Petersburg city. There were several very well maintained, multi-story brick buildings that were leveled to the ground as well as some parts of the historic decorative trains. A decorative caboose near the train station was ripped from its anchors and thrown over 20 feet. Damage in downtown Petersburg was rated as F4 at that location.

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