Hcs/404 Week 3

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403 1. The difference between the following terms are: Strategic management is the process of assigning responsibility to implement and monitor the activities that must be accomplished to reach the goal. Strategic planning is a method used to define the tasks and operationalize activities that must be accomplished to reach an identified or agreed-upon goal. Strategic thinking is a mental process of synthesizing and analyzing information to envision the strategies and tactics needed to achieve an ultimate goal. Strategy is a set of related actions that leadership makes to increase the organization 's performance on agreed upon and significant outcomes and benchmarks. The definitions mentioned are similar because they all are involve in the process of how to develop strategies that will contribute to the future success of the organization and accomplish goals. The terms are different because each play a specific role in ensuring that strategies are created to stay afloat in the changing health care industry. One must be fulfilled before another in order for the process to work, which makes each unique. Each concept builds on each other to create strategies that will ensure future organization success. 2. Knowing one 's market share is important because…show more content…
Major categories of external environment issues are political, technological, regulatory, and social. While all of these issues are important in healthcare, I think that social, political, and regulatory issues are the most important in this health care environment because those issues creates a lot of change and problems in healthcare. Health care reform, a social issue, bring forth new political and regulatory issues. Increasing aging population is another major issue in health care that will affect the system drastically. Change is inevitable in the health care industry, and this changes includes new policies and regulations as the healthcare environment shift and is a so why these issues are of most

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