Hcs 468 Week 4 Principles Of Leadership

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Week two talks about leadership qualities. Leadership is how an individual influences another individual or groups to achieve a common purpose. For a leader to achieve its set purpose or vision towards individual, organization, or a group, influence is the aim. Influence, therefore is the ability to direct or indirect manipulation to get others to act or respond in accordance to a leader’s want or desires. When a leader leads, the leader will often times have the people he or she is leading conform to his or her ways of doing things or at least agrees with the leader, which in this case regard as being obedience. The scopes of influence from a leader, which, leads to obedience, are character, charisma, commitment, communication, vision, teachability, Servanthood, self discipline, security, responsibility, relationship, problem solving, positive altitude, passion, listening, initiative, generosity, focus, discernment, courage, and competence (Maxwell, 1999).…show more content…
In order for a person to become an effective leader, all 21 indispensable leader qualities by Maxwell must or some what exist because, I believe that anyone can learn to lead if given the opportunity to or if situation dictates. Again, a leader without these qualities learned or innate, short falls of the ability to motivate or
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