Hcs81 Unit 1 Paper

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HPCOS81 Assignment number: 1 Assignment unique code: 633522 Student number: 34722693 Last name Kyle Initials K.K 1. Introduction. Wireless Mobile ad-hoc Networks or MANETs are networks that lack any centralized authority and which do not rely on existing infrastructure. They are usually deployed in areas that have no pre-existing infrastructure or if there was infrastructure, that infrastructure has been destroyed or compromised, or hostile.They are typically deployed over geographically limited areas (Hui et al. 2013). Examples of this type of deployment is for military operations, or relief operations where the exiting infrastructure has been destroyed by a natural disaster. Another example is business conferences. While being a convenient and sometimes essential resource MANETs have unique security concerns that are over and above the security concerns of infrastructure based wireless networks. In this paper I will the discuss the various types of MANETs, their uses, and the common security issues associated with each type. Having identified a common security problem in routing protocols of mobile ad-hoc…show more content…
It then sends out a route request packet. The malicious node then replies to the request stating that it has the shortest route to the destination a hop count of 1, and in the case of AODV protocol includes a very high sequence number to indicate that it has the freshest/newest information. The initiating node now believes it has found the best route to the required destination and so forwards the data to the malicious node. In a collaborative black hole attack the malicious node forwards the packet to a second node that then drops the packet or examines it. This can prevent the malicious node from being detected by anti black hole mechanisms as the malicious node is seen as forwarding packets
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