He Is In The Most Dangerous Game By General Zaroff

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“I live for danger” General Zaroff says to Rainsford. When Zaroff says this, it sparks the main conflict. Most games are fun, but this game is not like most games. Rainsford is forced to play this game against Zaroff. In the Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell, the central man vs. man conflict changes Rainsford from the hunter, to the huntee, and back to the hunter. How does he change though? Rainsford says hunting is “The best sport in the world”. He is a hunter at this point. He also says “Who cares how the jaguar feels?” and this comes back to haunt him. He thinks that the things he is hunting don't feel anything. How does he become the huntee? “I am a hunter, not a murderer,” Rainsford explains

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