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He Lives is a painting created by Simon Dewey. In the painting there is a semi tall white man with long brown hair. His hair is somewhat curly. He is dressed in a long white cloak with brown sandals. His right hand supports him as he is stepping outside of a tomb while gazing up towards the sky. The tomb is made up of many large gray stones as the man steps out of the tomb there is sand and green plants and stems located on the right hand side of the tomb. As the man step over the step way there is a giant round stone which was used for a door to cover the opening behind the man. As the man is stepping out in the nightfall there is a bright shining light beaming on his face that appears to come from the sky. The lighting is directed only on the face of the man looking toward the sky. His face is lit up as if to say I am here I live once again my job is complete. As his eyes gaze toward the sky, it is as if it symbolizes the beginning…show more content…
Simon Dewey creates a work of art directly influenced by his compassion and love for the savior. Simon Dewey painting He Lives is a thing of beauty. It creates an emotion of truth and honesty it sends a message that Jesus lives on. It gives me a feeling of joy and happiness. He communicates his message through scripture in his paintings so well. His paintings make you feel like you can reach out and touch Jesus or even just become so emotionally connected to the painting. I value the skill in which he used to create this painting it captures you and have you doing just as Jesus and that is gazing at the sky just waiting. This painting makes me think of heaven and the day I will get to meet Jesus Christ in the spirit. When I saw this painting I knew that it was the right one because it was such a thing of beauty I could hardly take my eyes off of it. He Lives makes make think of my father who has passed on this painting gives me hope in the things to

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