He Made Me Do It Analysis

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As Dr. Seuss once said, "You have BRAINS in your HEAD. You have FEET in your SHOES. You can steer yourself in any DIRECTION you CHOOSE". This quote applies to school in many ways. If you have ever used the statement, "They were doing it too" or "He made me do it" then you are wrong because as this quote says, you make your own decisions even if you are trying to impress your friends. Make your friends want to impress you in the right way. My school years have been filled with those statements and I still use them to this very day. Although everyone has had that moment when they blamed their wrongs on someone else they still have very interesting and happy memories. I am excited to share with you my 2nd and 3rd grade years. Then my 5th and 6th grade years and end with a…show more content…
My 5th and 6th grade years have had a lot of exciting moments that came from hard work. My 5th grade year I moved to Hopkins Elementary from Caughman Rd. Elementary. In fifth grade I became a Duke Tip scholar. My fifth grade summer actually moving to sixth grade I received papers to go to Washington D.C. part of a People to People Program. I could not see my parents while I was there so it was kind of hard. I almost died. As most of you are probably thinking because I missed my parents it 's not. It 's because I was eating a sour extreme straw and it slide down my throat. It was starting to make it hard for me to breath and I could not get it up or down. My roommates (roomies) were just sitting there staring at me not helping me and I was freaking out. I was chugging Mountain Dew trying to help but it wasn 't. I eventually pulled it up and I had had enough of those for a while. Moving on from the summer catastrophe I am now attending Hammond School in 6th grade. I played basketball her at Hammond and we won the Regionals. I am now playing softball and are first game is Monday, February 29, 2016. Moving to different schools and going to D.C. Made me learn how to adapt to to new places and
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