He Named Me Malala Essay

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The movie “ He named me Malala” is an inspiring documentary on Malala Yousafzai’s valiant battle for female education and empowerment. She stood as an ideal for the young generation in today’s world. Malala was named by her father after a brave women named Malalai , who raised her voice to urge the soldiers not to loose hope and fight the British and was killed in the battle field. Malala’s father, Ziauddin Yousafzai, felt bad that he somehow, was the reason for his daughter being shot by the Taliban in 2012 as he never stopped her doing what she want even though he knew the circumstances that could take place. Besides, Malala surprisingly admitted that her father might have named her Malala but he never made her. It was her self - determination,dedication and utmost inspiration from her father’s idealism which made her have a great belief in equality of gender…show more content…
Besides her father disclosed the fact that all the violence is not on the basis of “religion” but on the basis of “ideology”. Malala mentioned that she was lucky to have a father like him or else she would have now been raising two kids.
Continuing her education, Malala also kept to different regions and countries where children, especially girls are not having access to education. She granted scholarships and built many schools for the girls to help them have education. For all the remarkable work and change she made Malala was given the Nobel Peace Prize award in 2014. She is the youngest to receive the award at the age of 17. A book named “ I am Malala” was also published on her name. She still continues her appreciable social work for sake of children’s education.
Thus Malala is a woman of indomitable spirit and courage. This documentary is ultimately a tribute to Malala’s work, dedication and also a standing example to the young
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