Head Braching Research Paper

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Head Bashing and the Crushing Effects Football is the most common sport for concussions in males. Anywhere from high school all the way up to the professional level concussions are a problem. It is estimated that football players receive anywhere from 900 to 1500 blows to the head during a single season. To make that matter worse, there is a 75% chance that a male playing football will get a concussion during their career as a player. Concussions are a huge problem in the world of sports today with numerous dangerous effects. Although some precautions have been taken to prevent concussions, better safety precautions must be taken. The statistics about concussions during the course of a player’s football career, whether it be just to college or all the way to the professional level, show a very big danger to the athletes. During a game players are seven times more likely to get…show more content…
Because of the horrific ramification of concussions, some steps have been and are being taken to help prevent the risk of the injury but more must be done still. The NFL introduced some new tweaks to the concussion protocol to help prevent the possibility of continued play while concussed. The protocol is a simple 5 step process and is as follows,
1- If potential concussion is identified the player will be immediately removed from the game. 2- The team physician and unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant will: first review the video of the occurrence, then do a direct neuro evaluation on the player. 3- If concussion is still suspected the player will be escorted to the locker room for further evaluation. 4- If a concussion is confirmed there will be no return to the game. 5- If no concussion is confirmed the player may return but remains under close observation for symptoms.
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