Head Injuries In Sports Essay

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A recent poll taken by ESPN says that almost half of Americans are fans of pro football or the NFL. The NFL (National Football League) is comprised of 32 teams that compete head to head in attempt to achieve the goal of winning the super bowl. However more recently the game of football has been revealed to be more dangerous than originally thought. Autopsies of former NFL players are showing extensive brain damage that could have contributed to their deaths. Today as the game of football progresses into a passing game wide receivers and cornerbacks are taking more punishment and suffering more brain damage. But this concussion problem is not exclusive to the NFL. Middle school, high school, and college football players have shown head injuries that have affected them later in life. The…show more content…
Current players are more at risk because the game of football is becoming more violent and players are getting injured more often(Vrentas). But the public 's problem is not just with the NFL but also with middle school, high school, and college football because it is at that age when the players are most at risk(Barra). Parents are preventing kids from playing football because of the high risk for injury and fear that their children will suffer from a concussion and be permanently harmed.

One of the main reasons the general public is beginning to shy away from football is all of the risks and past injuries. In the NFL every week there are injuries including concussions. In 2015 there were 199 concussions suffered by NFL players(Breslow). Also lots of head injuries are showing up in deceased NFL players(Breslow). Mike Webster, a hall of fame center, died at age 50 after experiencing dementia and depression was found with CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy) which is a disease found in mainly sports players who have suffered multiple cases of head

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