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When your child begins to play a sport there is always a risk for injury especially if they fall in love with football their chances of getting a head related injury are very high. From the years 2001 to 2009 there has been an incredible amount of head related sport injuries that go through the emergency room and most are diagnosed with a concussion. The majority of these concussions are caused from football, it does not matter what level of it bein played it happens all the way from the NFL level all the way down to pop warner. Concussions are not only from football they are from all contact sports. Concussions are becoming more and more common in today 's world, they are very dangerous and may cause serious damage, we need better equipment,…show more content…
In “Seau 's Suicide Helped To Make Concussions In Football A National Issue” David Greene provides a statement on parents: “There will definitely be parents that will not let their kids play football especially at a young age” (Greene). Parents should not hold their children away from a sport only because of an injury, it only is gonna hurt the child because every sport they play there will always be a risk of injury. In “Seau 's Suicide Helped To Make Concussions In Football A National Issue” David Greene provides a statistics on active rosters and people who are retired: “9 out of ten people who are either on an active roster or retired say that they would still play this game even when they know about all of concussions it 's just something about the competition that no other sport has” (Greene). This is just the risk that people take for the amount of competition they get out of this great sport, even the NFL players know what they put on the line every time they step on the field, they know it 's worth the risk. The players who are in love with this sport would never give up on it even from these scary statistics. This game teaches way more, like character respect and a will to win and never give up, people would give anything to strap up and play one last…show more content…
Concussions are always going to be a huge deal due to the fact on what they lead to, which is CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). In “Seau 's Suicide Helped To Make Concussions In Football A National Issue” David Greene provides a statistics on Junior Seau and what doctors found in his brain after he died: “And there was CTE - chronic brain damage caused by repeated blows to the head” (Greene). CTE is a disease that peopl obtain from multiple head traumas and Junior Seau played in the NFL for a long 20 seasons, ended up having CTE and doctors believe this lead to his suicide. In “Headbanger Nation” Jeffrey Kluger provides some very tragic information on college football player at penn state: ¨Owen Thomas committed suicide in april of 2010 and got examined by Boston College and he had chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) which is seen mostly in NFL players who have had many concussions Owen never had a concussion”(Kluger). Owen played years of football and never recorded a concussion but this goes to show they do not need to have a concussion to receive this disease people can get it from the thousands of blows they take while playing the sport. All these scary and real problems can be prevented with reasoning a

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