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Head Start is a national comprehensive child developmental service program geared towards the nation’s pre-school aged children who are low-income (W. Beard, 2015, Personal Communication, September 16). The Head Start program was first created in 1965. The Head Start program promotes school readiness by the provision of educational, health, socio-emotional development, nutrition, mental health, physical and other services (W. Beard, 2015, Personal Communication, September 16). GETCAP (Greater East Texas Community Action Program) Head Start serves the following counties: Nacogdoches, Houston, Walker, Trinity, and San Jacinto (W. Beard, 2015, Personal Communication, September 16). This paper will explore the various implications policy has on…show more content…
Historically social workers have been known for getting resources and service to a number of client systems. Social workers understand the importance the environment can have on a client. Social workers know the basic needs of everyone in reference to Maslow 's Hierarchy of Needs. We understand that everyone needs food, shelter, clothing, education, employment, and transportation. When social workers are dealing with impoverished client systems they quickly and efficiently get clients to resources that can meet their immediate needs. The historical function of social workers within the Head Start agency was to be responsible for enrollment, application processing, and documentation. Social workers have also been responsible for getting resources to children and their families. The social worker uses referrals to get children mental health, dental, physical health services. The main role of a Head Start social worker is to be a case manager. Social workers also help with advocating for parent involvement in the educational and social processes the children experience while going through the Head Start program. It is imperative that social workers understand person in their…show more content…
Head Start operates under three auspices: The Department of Health and Human Services, the Childcare Licensing Regulation, and the Federal Poverty Guideline. (C. Garrett, personal communication, September 9, 2015). The bodies that determine the mission and policies of Head Start are the policy council and governing board (C. Garrett, personal communication, September 9, 2015). The policy council has to consist of at least 51% parents and a maximum of 49% community representatives. The governing board of Head Start consists of 18 Board of Directors (C. Garrett, personal communication, September 9, 2015). There are a total of three sectors within the Board of Directors: private, public, and poor. The governing board consists of 6 members from each sector (C. Garrett, personal communication, September 9, 2015). Head Start is a federally funded non-profit agency. The majority of Head Start’s funding comes directly from the Department of Health and Human

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