Head Start Intervention

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SUMMARY The CHILE intervention was a study conducted to observe American Indians and Hispanic Head Start children along with their families; to see if the obesity rate would decline among children in these ethnic groups could be effected by being enrolled in the Head Start program.
The CHILE: An Evidence-Based Preschool Intervention for Obesity Prevention in Head Start intervention looked at specific ethnic groups with high obesity rates in the head start age range. The intervention found the obesity rate among American Indians children was 41% and among Hispanic children the rate was 32% proposed to enter kindergarten (CHILE: An Evidence-Based Preschool Intervention for Obesity Prevention in Head Start, 2013). The CHILE intervention …show more content…

This was to ensure the Head Start centers knew of upcoming events, following up on teachers in regards to the curriculum implementations and it also further encouraged Head Start Staff to complete the required research forms. With the study lasting two years, the completion of research forms increased in year two with nineteen percent increase of lesson plans completed and no change from year one to year two of targeted fruits and vegetables as possible meals or …show more content…

With the obesity rate not only increasing steadily in adults but also children is alarming. The study looked at two at risk ethnic groups due to social status or cultural demise, that have become the most effected groups for obesity. The study showed that if proper education was available to children about proper nutrition and shown the enjoyment of physical activity the effects can be influence the entire family. The CHILE intervention is brilliant way to teach children healthy lifestyle choices through continual exposures to fresh vegetable and fruits, which they may not receive at home due to accessibility or cost. Shown fun games that encourage movement that ultimately promotes more physical activity throughout they child’s day. With help from the community grocery store and local physicians the promotion of healthy choices continued incorporate the family involvement. The effects from this study may have resulted in less obese children entering kindergarten at the beginning of the school year, but it may have also effected the families’ health as well in a positive way. With the rise of the obesity epidemic, I think that CHILE intervention should be incorporated with all levels of the education system. As children become less and less active and cheap easy meals become more accessible this education on healthy lifestyle choices and movement is valued information for all

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