Head Start Observation Report

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. Thirty-eight percent of the children and pregnant women served were classified as Hispanic/ Latino. Twenty-nine percent of the children and pregnant women served were classified as African American/ Black. Head Start makes sure that children get the services that they need. In comparing the beginning of the program year to the end of the program year, it is apparent Head Start services helped these children from low-income families. Immunizations, health insurance, dental homes and medical homes all increased from the beginning of the program year until the end of the program year. By the end of the program year, eighty-nine percent of children were enrolled in a public health insurance. Children with disabilities made up 12% of Head Start’s enrollment. Around 47,000 families that Head Start worked with in the 2014-2015 school year were homeless. Approximately 86,000 families received help getting a place to live with Head Start’s help. The main goal of Head Start is to stimulate school readiness in children from low-income families. School readiness is defined by Head Start as a child that is ready to enter school on the same level as their peers, the schools that are ready for children from low-income families and families that are willing to support their children’s learning through school. School readiness is measured by the…show more content…
Head Start helps many disadvantaged families each year. Through my interview with my friend, I learned that Head Start is very involved in the community and they want all staff to be involved in the community. The staff at Head Start are very dedicated to enriching the lives of children and their families. Their main goal is to educate the children and make their lives better by building a good foundation at an early age. I learned a lot of new information about Head Start and I am glad there are people that want to help these children and their families

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