Head Start Research Proposal Essay

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Theoretical Perspectives
The article “Identification of Disabilities and Service Receipt among Preschool Children Living in Poverty” takes a look at the services provided by Early Head Start Research and Evaluation Longitudinal Follow-up programs’ Part C services. In this article the theoretical perspectives focus on the quality of education for early childhood, specifically for vulnerable poverty-stricken children. The focus on children with disabilities is what this case study explores. While Head Start has been a beneficial program, it does not serve all vulnerable early education students. The research agrees that “Full-day Head Start services are important, given that the quality of care that is available to low-income families is highly uneven” (Ceglowski, 2006, p. 189). The article takes a look at
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These are close-ended and open-ended questions that helped with identifying the needs of the children. (Peterson, Wall, Hyun-Joo, Swanson, Carta, Luze & Eshbaugh, 2011, p. 31).

Data Collection Method Employed by the Researchers
The method used was an enrollment of 3,001 families into the study. The researchers assessed the children directly so as to help them easily identify the disabled children, had interviews with the parents, teachers and carers of the children. (Peterson, Wall, Hyun-Joo, Swanson, Carta, Luze & Eshbaugh, 2011, p. 30-31). The study did a breakdown of the data quantitatively and qualitatively.
Ethical Considerations of the Project
The respondents who are the mothers in each of the families provided informed consent for her family’s participation in both the EHSRE and the Longitudinal Follow-Up (Peterson et. al, 2011, p. 31).
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