Head Trauma In Sports

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Sports have been around for a long time and so have these diseases that can end your life or complicate them. Rules are being more inforced as of now due to serious brain disease that cause death to those who suffer concussions on the field. The sports industry tried changing rules to the games to prevent certain disease such as ALS and CTE but changing the rules can come out to worse results as in fracturing other body parts that can cause the player to stop playing for some time or even forever which can cause an end to their careers. Changing certain rules may prevent certain conflicts but can start other conflicts which can be more risky for the athlete. For instance head trauma is a very talked topic coming from sports i don't believe…show more content…
They may have been hit but do not rest or take care of themselves and continue to play which makes it worse for them. They keep playing like nothing seemed to happened to them but later it affects them more as time goes by it accumulates. Lou Gehrig's first symptoms were muscle weakness, his muscles would clog up and did not have the same strength as they once had before due to ALS. He started to notice and feel weaker but wasn't sure why, he went to get checked and he was diagnosed with ALS. The findings have also led to reconsider whether lou Gehrig was accurately diagnosed with ALS in 1939. The famous baseball player had multiple head concussions. He was knocked out unconscious after being hit in the head by a pitched baseball while not wearing a helmet which just accumulated to many the many he previously had and just added to it . He died in 1941 from ALS. Jovan Belch he was a football player who played for the Kansas city he murdered his girlfriend, he shot her 9 times later killing himself. He was detected with CTE later when his brain was examined.He showed symptoms but his coaches still kept putting him in games which just kept adding more concussions which later it would affect
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