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This experiment separates the constituents of a commercial headache powder employing the use of extraction method. The active ingredients of the commercial headache powder were extracted by dissolving the powdered tablet in propanone solvent. The suspended fine particle binders in the propanone solution were removed by filtration method. The solid analgesia was obtained by evaporating propanone solvent. It was then collected on Hirsh funnel by filtration. Melting point determination was performed to test for the purity of the drug (tablet).
It was hypothesized that crude paracetamol melts at 165.1℃ while pure paracetamol melts at 170.5℃.
Background information
Paracetamol is a commonly used medicine. It is known as a mild
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On the other hand, white solid paracetamol, 100ml beaker, and 15ml of hot water, 20ml warm water, and water bath were used for the recrystallization purification technique. Evaporating dish, cold water, stirring rod, watch glass, small beaker, oven, cotton wool, and tissue were also employed in the recrystallization purification method.
Recrystallization purification technique A portion of crude paracetamol sample was transferred into a 100ml beaker. To it, 10ml of hot water was added to dissolve it. Cotton wool was placed into the funnel; this was followed by pouring hot water onto the cotton wool before filtering the dissolved paracetamol crude solution to remove any insoluble materials. Watch glass was placed on beaker containing filtrated solution and the solution was allowed to cool slowly. After the filtrated solution had cooled up, it was placed into a beaker containing cold water. The corners of the beaker containing filtrated were scratched to allow the crystals to form. The purified paracetamol was collected by filtering through a funnel containing cotton wool. The obtained paracetamol crystals were dried by blowing air through them for fifteen minutes. The resulting product was placed into a small beaker, covered with tissue paper and then
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When sufficient energy is supplied to the substance causes it to change its states, for example, in this experiment the substance changed its state from solid to liquid. The melting points of crude and recrystallized paracetamol(pure) of a commercial powder tablet were determined. It was found that the pure paracetamol sharply melted at 170℃ while the crude paracetamol slowly melted at 164℃. The impurities presented in the crude paracetamol lowered its melting point. The melting point obtained from pure paracetamol represented the purity of paracetamol in a commercial powdered tablet.
Recrystallization was conducted to purify paracetamol. The paracetamol crystals were filtered through a cotton wool. Recrystallization purified paracetamol, however; it decreased its yield as some quantities of paracetamol were lost as a result of fine solubility of paracetamol.
It was observed that commercial headache powder contained the active ingredient (paracetamol), as melting points of both crude and purified samples were in the range values of melting points of crude and pure paracetamol in the literature, for instance, 160.8 to 176∁.6 and 169 to 171℃ respectively(Prybyl et al. 2013). Experimental errors might have occurred during the experiment had insignificant effects on the precision of the experiment since the results obtained were within the theoretical values of

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