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Budgeting Headcount
All departments in a business need to plan and submit a budget to determine future staffing needs. Knowing department budgets can help identify open positions that have not been filled. It can also determine the eventuality of rising benefit costs for a company. If a department is regularly under or over budget, it's time to consider realigning its organizational structure to more efficiently appropriate these funds. That is where budgeting headcount comes in the picture.
Headcount budgeting and reporting is supposed to be a simple counting process with a tangible outcome. It refers to the number of people who are on the payroll at any given time. Particularly if a company is faced with a "downsizing" or "rightsizing" situation and it directly relates to the amount of dollars spent on every individual employee. However, counting the number of people a business employs on a global basis is not as straightforward as it should be.
Differences in headcounts can be
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there exists contracts, written proofs, etc to be able to fire someone. but there are loopholes where people just pay them to keep them quiet, because nobody likes getting involved in cases and lawsuits.
A fairly basic question to be ponder upon is why does headcount budgeting become a burden for MNCs in China? It could be that the country does not have the necessary talents to deliver on its demands- because China may not have the talent pool or the resources in this environment to specialize in headcount management. Every company has its own mode of control and leadership, therefore it is of paramount importance to hire someone and groom them. Unlike the west, the concept of readily available talent is hard to come by as there's always a strict demand.
Whose fault is

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