Heads Up: Concussions In High School Sports

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If research shows that athletes are more susceptible to permanent brain damage, shouldn 't coaches take the value of their athletes health into consideration? Many try to decipher weather or not extracting an athlete from the game, due to his/her concussions, will benefit the team. This judgement is based upon the competitive concepts in today 's society. Not only have studies shown that repeated injuries can result in permanent brain damage, but also the hesitant emotions within athletes and how they are afraid of being permanently replaced contributes to the issue. This is because of the strain athletes physiologically obtain . Many don 't realize that an athlete missing one game is better than an athlete absent for the rest of the season. From a logical perspective, it would be wise to restrain an athlete from continuing the game until proper medical analysis is implied.…show more content…
In the article "heads up: concussions in high school sports", it exemplifies how high school athletes are more vulnerable to concussions and may take longer to recover based upon immaturity of the central nervous system, the lack of recognition that a concussion has occurred, and the reliability of symptoms. The document, "concussion: potential causes and long-term impact", supports the conclusion of how repeated injuries can result in permanent brain damage. If an athlete where to experience a concussion more than once, then these effects can be permanent. The damage can affect them in other careers too. This is why it is important to let athletes have more recover time for concussions: another concussion occurring in that same time frame can alter their mental status and the team may loose that athlete forever. Athletes, professional and amateur, are their own temples; being constructed and altered to withstand each impact they 've experienced or are preparing for. If one wants something to improve they 'll do everything they can to maintain a
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