Healing And Autonomy Case Study

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A Case Study: Healing and Autonomy Introduction Healing is the process of restoration of normal biological body functioning from a previously experienced illness. Autonomy is the respect of the patient decision on his/her fate. It is a basic right of the patient and the physician ruling ought to abide by it. This makes it mandatory for the health care provider responsibility to respect this patients ' right. For the process of healing to be amiably achieved there should be a cooperation of the patient and the nurse this elevates the confidentiality of the patient and make it easier of the functionality of the nurse. However, there are cases where the autonomy of the patient has to be contested to achieve the process of healing; this raises issues…show more content…
In Islam, violation of the human body is forbidden. However, saving a life is highly rated in the Qur 'an- "Whoever saves the life of one person it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind" (chapter 5:32). Given this, organ donation is accepted, when necessary. Live donation, are acceptable, but many are reluctant to accept dead donations with deceased donations in Iran, for example, accounting for only 3% of renal transplants in 2006 (Oliver, Woywodt, Ahm, & Saif, 2010). Christian 's faith endorse transplantation, but there exist differences in opinion. This has been particularly driven by current Pope Benedict XVI public announcement that he carries a donor card. In the encyclical letter Evangelism Vitae, previous pope, John Paul II had publicly supported organ donation terming it as an example of Christian love. This agenda is further emphasized by the Church of England, who in 2007, declared organ donation a Christian duty. The church, however, emphasizes that organ transplant and donation are personal choices (Oliver, Woywodt, Ahm, &…show more content…
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