Health And Safety Policy Case Study

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NAME Bhavana P Exercise 14.3 - The Development of a Health and Safety Policy FORM 14.3.1 1. What questions would you ask Dynamic Duo’s owners? • What are the main causes of incidents such as upset stomach and what could be done to fix them? • Would hiring managers with more knowledge about safety practices would be beneficial? • What were the actions taken after the discovery of violations by the inspectors? • Were any necessary actions taken in this regard and any action to avoid them in the future? • Are you planning any training session after this incident to avoid such incidents if so how? • Are there any new guidelines after this situation that has to be followed by the employees? 2. What legal steps would you recommend that Dynamic…show more content…
The company should take further steps in avoiding such incidences. 4. Visit and determine if you can provide any additional information to help make the plant safer. Firstly the company should follow the rules and regulation incorporated in The regulations should be followed strictly and the strict actions should be taken against violators. There are updates every month on their website about training sessions to make plants easier. Each department can be given the task to conduct training program for all the employees this way the employees can take more responsibility and make sure it is followed. 5. How could Dynamic Duo be issued a citation for an ergonomics violation? Jack Richter says, "I thought Bush got rid of that stupid regulation." What is your response? It is evident that Jack Richter cannot see the importance of the safety regulation. It is clear on the website legal problems a company can land up for violating the regulations especially when it is concerned with patient safety. Interpersonal Skills Practice: Making and Refusing Requests Discussion…show more content…
What are your strengths and weaknesses in making requests? What could be improved? Requesting my friends or colleagues has never been difficult because I believe that I have the skill to convince people to help me and I also believe that I request only when I consider that it will not be a problem to the other person and I ask them directly if they are not comfortable to tell me so it make them more comfortable with me and there were times when I was told no and always took it easy and that helped me to make more friends. I sometimes very reluctant in requesting people who are new and despite needing their help a lot I take a back step in asking them out of fear of rejection. I need to improve this weakness of mine to be more confident and comfortable with new people. 4. Which situations are most difficult for you, and why? The most difficult situation of all is to say No to someone because it disappoints them a lot when then come up to me asking for help and I cannot help them for any reasons. I usually say yes if it is in my area of expertise to do I usually do it but If the request is unobtainable I say a soft No and do explain them the reason for my
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