Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 9 Q1

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During Q1-Q2 2015, I have achieve 5 out of 6 KPI target. The numbers provided below are average KPI from January to June 2015. Quantity of achievements: • Percentage of invoice posted against PO is 90.45%, which the target is 81%. Posting against PO can be maintained by not forgetting to deduct WHT and recording the correct amount of VAT. The other invoices that I posted not against PO are tax-related invoices for foreign currency transactions, low-risk low-value through the e-Order Confirmation Letter (e-OCL), and exempted list transaction through e-TS. • Number of invoice line items posted per FTE per month is 2,146, which the target is 2,200 • Number of invoice posted per FTE per month is 458, which the target is 370 In order to maintain the number of invoice and line items posted, I make sure that for every transactions were posted on the correct lines, and also immediately processed after received the invoices. Most of the invoices that I processed commonly have one line only per invoice, and some require reclassification or provision to many lines (i.e. Nayaka and Nawakara). …show more content…

This KPI is reached by o Prioritizing invoices with short Terms of Payment o Processing the invoice as soon as possible, also ensuring that the baseline date for the invoices that I post are already correct o Following up outstanding workflow to PR creator and Budget Owner o Being proactive to send emails to Treasury Departments for these due immediate transactions o Discussing with user and Procurement team especially for 0001

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