Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 7 P1

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Health and social care: Unit 7 (P1) Equality and diversity Introduction Farleigh Residential care home is available to the elderly and also it’s a part time day centre for adults with disabilities. Its purpose is to care for needs of adults with learning disabilities and also for the elderly. What is equality? Equality is the idea that everyone has equal rights and every individual is entitled to equality. Equality insures that individuals have the same opportunities and not discriminating them for their: race, sexuality, culture or beliefs. Example: if a care worker declines one of the service user the right to join in group activities because of their race or disability. This would be known as failed to apply equality in their work.…show more content…
Also variety. The environment we live in, we have people who vary in different ways from: age, gender, and physical features. Diversity is mainly about recognising individual as well as group differences. It's important to treat people as individuals, it's also important to insure that a positive value on diversity in society and workplace. Why is equality and diversity important? The society we live in is incredibly diverse therefore it's important people are able to response appropriately. In the health care setting it's important that you reflect to diversity in work practice. At Fernleigh Residential care home in order to have successful implementation of equality and diversity in all aspects of work it's important that you ensures that colleagues, staff, service users and clients are valued, motivated and treated fairly. The act of legislation was set to ensure equality and diversity is implemented in every day work, it states that everyone has the right not to be discriminated for their race, religion or beliefs The Benefits of a diverse world • The world is more interesting place as you have the opportunity to learn about other people's culture and
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