Health And Social Care Personal Statement Essay

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I wish to pursue my career in the care profession, due to previous experiences looking after elderly people. Over the years my desire to continue working in the care sector has grown, along with the experiences gained throughout my previous studies.
My interest in working with and around new people, has lead me on to completing a Health and Social Care short course, where I gained valuable knowledge on how to look after elderly and the disabled people. My role demands high levels of communication skills as it involves working with other agencies such as doctors, nutritionists, social workers, therapists, day center staff and police. I am also required to be a good listener to service users and their families, building a good rapport and maintain professionalism all times. This helped me to further expand my understanding of how to work professionally within the Health and Social Care
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I am working hard 
to achieve the best I can. I
 feel I have the necessary skills needed to succeed at university and push my ambitions even further to the limit whilst achieving success
in future years. This will in turn help me gain a good job in the Health and Social Care sector which is always my
 main goal in life.

In my previous working experience, which I have been employed privately to look after an elderly women for two and half years in the north London area, where I was responsible for her general safety and personal hygiene, including preparing her food, shopping and washing up. Unfortunately, her condition had become worst, and she was required to attend the hospital, when I was no longer needed to provide my services I decided to follow in pursuit my lifetime ambition to become a professional in the sector of Health and Social Care.

I have a calm caring nature, with a positive, smiley attitude towards life. I enjoy socializing and meeting new people. I enjoy listening to all sorts of music and walks in local
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