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WP2 P6 v2 Topic Sentence: Although some examinations and operations have been proven to be impractical for curing a patient’s condition, not all that appear to be non-related should be removed. Claim 1: For one, extra tests are justified if the patient’s symptoms have been proven to part of different diseases. Evidence: -Gawande himself has identified one instance where extirpating all studies he deemed unnecessary caused the patient’s condition to degrade. -In this case, a patient suffering from severe pelvic pain was examined and Gawande discovered that she had symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease. -There are two things that can cause this: a volvulus, which is a twisted intestine, or a sexually transmitted disease. -The doctor…show more content…
Thus, instead of removing all tests and operations that doctors judge to be meaningless, healthcare providers should only perform extra investigations that remove doubt and ensure a peace of mind. Claim: -In some cases, choosing to remove additional inspections places the patient at binary: you live with the condition which has a small chance of being fatal or your die unexpectedly. Evidence: -From Gawande’s perspective, the option to “leave alone” all diseases that have a small chance of being deadly is a perfectly acceptable. -He considers this to allowable with patients who have been diagnosed with papillary microcarcinoma, which is a form of thyroid cancer. -According to the American Thyroid Association, a person with this cancer type has 99% likelihood of living (ATA). -However, the issue with this option is that there is still a likelihood that that cancer will evolve and become fatal. -His proposal is acceptable if one enjoys taking risks. -However, when one’s life is on the line, we should not dismiss any chances and instead chose a risk-averse

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