Advantages Of Health Belief Model

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The Health Belief Model (HBM) is the most common used theory in health education and health promotion ( Glanz, Rimer, & Lewis, 2002; National Cancer Institute (NCI), 2003).The health belief model has been a long established theoretical model that helps to explain people’s behaviours (Nutbeam et al., 2010). The Health Belief Model emphasizes six sets of beliefs: • Perceived Susceptibility • Perceived Severity • Perceived Benefits • Perceived Barriers • Cues to Action • Self-Efficacy STOP SMOKING ISSUES Perceived Susceptibility Personal risk or susceptibility is one of the more powerful perceptions in prompting people to adopt healthier behaviors. The greater the perceived risk,the greater the likehood of engaging in behaviours to decrease …show more content…

Firstly, the campaign of “National No Smoking Day” has been organized on Wednesday in 1983, when it was called Quit for the day in United Kingdom. This campaign remains as the foremost public health event in UK. The mission of this campaign is to appeal to smokers in a different age, sex or social class. Then, in Malaysia, Health Ministry was initiated the campaign of “Say No” to smoking in 2004 until 2010. Campaign posters were posted up on billboards, government premises, newspapers and magazines, while television and radio advertisements were bought and played on air.In addition, to increase the awareness of the negative consequences of smoking, tobacco companies are also banned from advertising their products.For 32 years, beginning in 1976, the warning on cigarette packs were one-line sentences stated that: “Warning by the Malaysian Government: Smoking is Hazardous to Health” and also the images on the pack of cigarettes demonstrate some of the consequences of smoking: cancers of the neck, lung and mouth and must cover at least 40% of the front of the pack, and 60% of the …show more content…

From the effects of the smoking, the smokers aware that they are many complications can occur. It can be proven by the diagnosis from the doctor. For instance, a smoker has a possibility to collapse suddenly and can get the stroke from the smoking because of the substances from the cigarettes. From this, the smokers will realized about the disease and they have a high chance to quit smoking for the good and healthy life. Besides that, the family, friends and the relatives of the smokers need to give them a moral support in order to help them stop smoking. Sometimes, the smokers have the tendency to restart smoking when they feel stress, pressure and feel lonely. So, as the close people to them, they should always spend time with them and give support and advises to

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