Health Benefits Of Managed Care

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At first I always believed that Managed Care was more business orientated, which focused on the finances rather than the actual healthcare. For example, there has always been controversy on the for- profit trend in the health care system. There has been cases where non for-profit health care plans have changed into for- profit plans because of demanding competition. Managed Care can also be a nuisance for those who want a different physician but their managed care provider does not cover that particular physician. It is extremely irritating when a physician refers you to a specialist who is not part of your care network. Almost every media outlet (online articles or news from the television) I personally have came across, only mentions the negative effects of Managed Care.…show more content…
Without Managed Care, we would not have organized a proper community of health care providers available for those eligible. And I mean "proper" as in these health providers and their facilities have all been accredited. The quality care is raised because providers have legitimate credentials and education. Medications can also be partially covered under managed care plans, making them more affordable. The overall lower costs that is usually associated with Managed Care is very appealing. It is definitely not the most perfect system, but it 's not like we cannot change or improve

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