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Oat breakfast is very healthy for your health. A bowl of oatmeal has a lot of health benefits for the body, skin, and hair. There are many forms of grain, including cut oats, oatmeal, and Scottish oats, several of which are different in texture and taste, but full of healthy benefits.

Oatmeal is the most commonly used form of sweet or salty porridge, but after a variety of studies, the nutritional and health benefits of oatmeal make people regular breakfast. Let's take a look at the health benefits of oats.

High fiber content makes oatmeal become fibrous food. Oatmeal Soluble Fibers Balance Cholesterol Levels. It helps to reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and maintain HDL (good cholesterol) levels, thereby reducing the chances of heart disease.
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Oatmeal is a good cure for acne problems and keeps the skin clear of blemishes and acne. Found that oat bath effective treatment of neurodermatitis, skin disease to itchy skin and inflammation.

Because oats are good for dry skin, it is also good for hair care. Apply oatmeal on the hair to remove the scalp, clean the dandruff problem, make the hair soft and firm. A natural moisturizing hair. This kind of grain is found in every house kitchen in the world, and because of the nutritional and health benefits of oats, it is good for all ages. In addition to its benefits, grains are sugar-free, low calorie and sodium, which makes it necessary to have fiber foods for heart patients and diet conscious people. Like to buy whole grains, rather than refining/processing, to enjoy all the health benefits of oats.

Acne: If you are an acne adolescent, you'd rather eat a popular cake, do not toss the oat mom trying to get you breakfast. Instead, let it cool and then spread to your problem skin. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and then rinse. According to the Livestrong Foundation, this folk remedial measure has some sound logic. Oats can absorb and remove oil and bacteria on the skin and remove dead skin cells, all of which can fight against acne. Honey and tea tree oil are also useful
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Oat flour has more fiber than wheat and other flour, so it is cooked with oat flour and offers more "fullness" with fewer calories.

Low endurance: research shows that oats can help in the exercise process to stimulate the muscles. So eat some oatmeal about three hours before the next run or ride a bike and enjoy the release time of this fiber-rich complex carbohydrate.

Preventive medicine: To be sure, we do not recommend oatmeal to cure cancer. However, a study in the International Journal of Epidemiology shows that premenopausal women can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 41% by focusing on foods rich in oatmeal and other whole grains.
Oats: the benefits of the skin

In addition to consumption, wild oat in skin care also plays an important role. They were used by Egyptians and Arabs in 2000 BC to beautify their skin. Oat baths are mainly used by ancient Greeks and Romans to cure skin diseases. Some of the benefits of goat skin are as

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