Health Benefits Of Occupational Therapy

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Occupational therapy is for mentally, physically or cognitively disordered people whose daily living is assessed in order to improve their lifestyles and ease of living. Chronic pains are responsible for the derailment of several individuals and families because the affected person becomes disabled to carry out his or her own tasks and hence the dependability wastes time and money of the caregivers. The real problem in the case of chronic pains is that the affected people lose control over their activities but through occupational therapy, this control can be increased or even restored (AOTA, 2016). However, occupational therapy can only help the patient get accustomed to and adjust with the pain in everyday life and cannot cure the pain completely. Occupational therapy for pain rehabilitation has certain aspects. However, the cure for arthritis cannot be sought in occupational therapy.
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The occupational therapy is convenient, and though it takes a lot of time, it is very effective once the results begin to step out. Although occupational therapy is not a complete and definite method of curing pain and does not help a patient get over it, it is still important in helping a person learn and adapt to the normal ways of life and return to their former lifestyle. There are being made efforts on academic and practitioner levels to increase the availability of occupational therapists for people who are facing disorders and making occupational therapy more effective. In addition to that, there is a need for increased education in the public regarding chronic pains and their rehabilitation through occupational therapies. Doing this would generate interest of people to become professionals at providing this service (Web MD,

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