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Papaya, a plant that produce fragrant and delicious fruit, is a native to South America. Because of its nutrients, papaya are now widely cultivated mostly in tropical countries. The health benefits of Papaya involved in prevention of common illness such as cold, digestive problem, cardiovascular disease, and wound treatment. Apart from its health benefits, papaya can also prevent cancer from developing. There are other benefits aside from its healthy components; papaya extract are used in some beauty products such as soap, cream, and skin ointment.

Papaya contains 88% of water, that’s why this fruit is also good for juicing. Not only that; this fruit can also a good meat tenderizer because of its papain content. Papaya fruit, including its
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Due to autoimmune disease, our immune system’s ability to fight infection is inactive. Papaya can supply a huge amount of antioxidant that helps protect even our immune system. Arthritics may enjoy the taste of Papaya juice as well as its health benefits.

What are the Advantages of Juicing Papaya?
In other ways, none of us have the same taste buds. Fruits can be sometimes a burden most especially for picky-eater young children. Juicing a fruit is one of the healthiest way to absorb concentrated nutrition. But some stated that in order to gain a whole amount of fiber, fruits and vegetables must be eaten whole.
Most kids love juice drinks. Well in fact, it saves a lot of time for them to have a wonderful health buff. Here are some advantage of juicing a fruits or vegetables:
Juicing has something to do with efficiency in nutrient absorption
When eating whole fruits and vegetables, not all of us have normal digestion. Some are impaired and it is very important to absorb every essential nutrients from the food. Juicing is a big help in digestion to avoid any digestive stress that may lead to constipation and insufficient nutrient

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