Health Benefits Of Planned Parenthood

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One of the most effective and crucial programs for women’s health is currently under attack by the so-called president of the United States, Donald Trump. In an attempt to convince the people that he is willing to stand up for everyone, including the unborn, but instead, Mr. Trump is oppressing women and taking away their rights as human beings. Without Planned Parenthood, 2.5 million men and women would be left without affordable, high-quality health care. One in five women have visited a Planned Parenthood in their lifetime. The fact that all of the care and help Planned Parenthood gives can all be lost due to something as petty as abortion services is almost laughable. But, due to the severity of its effects, it is much more than just ridiculous.…show more content…
There are many other women who do not live as well as myself, who do not have the same privilege as I do. These women need Planned Parenthood to prevent disease and unplanned pregnancies. To pretend that these people do not need Planned Parenthood to stay healthy, to survive, is almost as ludicrous as the notion that Planned Parenthood endorses the killing of innocent lives. Planned Parenthood is much more than abortions. It stands for the rights of women as humans, as people who need help, to improve the lives of those who cannot improve theirs on their own. If Mr. Trump’s plan goes into affect, millions of lives will have another obstacle for them to hurdle, except this is one that they cannot get
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