Health Benefits Of Vegetarianism In The United States

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Introduction & Reasoning In the past ten years, illnesses such as obesity and diabetes have majorly impacted people in the United States. A way that has been shown to counteract these illnesses is restrictive dieting. Vegetarianism has shown many beneficial effects. Ultimately, restrictive dieting can reduce the risk and prevent many health issues that people today are struggling with. Impact on Health: Not only does a restrictive diet reduce the chance of developing health issues, but it also has many overall immediate health benefits. Health statistics in vegetarians are measured to be much better than those who eat meat. Restrictive dieting has been shown to improve the general health among many people. Some illnesses that are…show more content…
People who eliminate animal sources of protein from their diets can develop certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Along with these deficiencies, a vegetarian has to find other sources of protein as well. Though these deficiencies can be counter-acted with supplements that replace the nutrients lost in animal-based protein, some protein replacements can be costly. Not only are the supplements themselves costly, but the food itself can be as well. Reasoning: The question is “Is the reduced risk of certain illnesses worth the potential effects that a restricted diet has?” Not only does a restricted diet decrease the chances of getting numerous life-threatening diseases, but it also can improve one’s health overall. The few downfalls have an immediate fix. Deficiencies can be easily improved by replacing the nutrients found in meat with a simple multi-vitamin and other sources of plant-based protein. Along with this, there is also a very small, if any difference in the price of a “regular” diet and a restricted one” The risks of restrictive dieting that may occur are majorly outweighed by the overall improvement of a person 's quality of…show more content…
vegetarians run the risk of having a deficiency of iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin D, and B12, as well as of amino acids.” The article goes on the say that these deficiencies can cause an increased risk of cardiovascular morbidity, a lowering in the blood levels of sex hormones and disruption of the menstrual cycle, it can also lead to anemia and protein deficiency. All of these deficiencies are caused by improper restrictive dieting. To avoid these complications and eliminate the deficiencies all together, you have to closely monitor what you eat. According to “Just Plants? Impact of a Vegetarian Diet on Mortality,” “A plant-based diet can easily provide adequate nutrition through legumes, whole grains, and vegetables and should be encouraged as a healthful option…” Finding proper replacements and taking supplements is the “cure” for these

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